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1I want to know how much salaries i will get if i work as an English teacher of EnglishHouse in China.
The salary we can offer you is from 18k to 22k per month with a free apartment, monthly bonus and annual award for contract completion.
2I want to know more about the work time.
3What processes are there for applying Z visa?
Step1. Prepare Z visa documents. Step2. Send us scanned Z visa documents pictures(PDF format). Step3. Your documents will be submitted to the government departments. Step4. About 10 working days, you will get your work permit notification. Step5. You can take the work permit notification to change Z visa at Chinese Embassy. When you come to China, there are other steps, we will help you to finish.
4How to get medical report?
You need to get a form of Physical Examination Record for Foreigner and do medical examination in government hospital
5Do you provide medical insurance?
We will provide commercial insurance which includes accident and serious disease.